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Nov 7, 2016

Soulmates: a wedding editorial

I don’t do many inspiration shootings, except for  a commissioned wedding editorial – but when I do, I like to have a story in mind rather than just a beautiful setting with a beautiful model.

This one in particular is very dear to my heart, because it’s the result of countless Skype calls and e-mails between me and Ale Vidal, a terrific storyteller and videomaker I had the chance to work with.

We planned my brand video for months, I thought about my vision, my dreams and my kind of love and a word came to my mind, a word which has followed me since my very first day as a wedding photographer: Soulmates.

Before the shooting, I’ve answered some (difficult!) questions:

What message do you want to communicate?

Passion, feelings. It’s never too late to find true love, the kind that makes you weak at the knees for all your life, to go wild and to be completely happy, living the life you want and dreaming with the one whom your soul loves. I believe in doing crazy stuff with your soulmate and that includes eloping.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Books and film frames, poetry, conceptual photography. Last night – a movie that impressed me so much, both for the story and for its photography and moody colours.

What do people always associate with you, your brand?

Melancholy, Wind and light. Details. poetry. books. candle light. the golden hour. beautiful imperfections. Someone said that my pictures capture people’s real emotions, and they feel like you’re entering in the picture and understand their story as you would do reading a book or watching a movie.

What kind of story you would tell about your brand

The story of two soulmates. There’s a story I’ve always wanted to tell and that’s how they get there. We often represent the day of the wedding, the excitement, the beauty of the bride. But where this excitement come from? It’s not the dress or the details. How you feel the day of the wedding is only the result of the beautiful days you’ve spent together over the years and that’s what I want to capture. I imagine a young woman writing on her diary, feeling this strange, strong and powerful emotion. I see magic light, dancing at dusk – I see love everywhere, in their first house, reading and planning the wedding on their couch – shooting a beautiful engagement session. Like a dream. And then I finally imagine their first look the day of the wedding.


– Featured on Junebug and White Magazine

W/ Fluida Design – Francesca Epinati MUA – Ale Vidal – Odylyne the Ceremony – @Magione dei Todaro, Borgo a Buggiano.

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